The association : Electrolab

Electrolab ( ) is a non-profit organization located in Nanterre whose social purpose is “the spreading of knowledge in the field of science and technology”.

Founded in 2010 by enthusiasts from all backgrounds, it is a cultural institution (member of the AMCSTI, interprofessional network of scientific, technical and industrial culture) whose leitmotiv is the reappropriation of technologies and industrial means by citizens.

In order to act, develop and carry out its missions, the organization has set up an essential tool: a 1500m² facility easily accessible by public transport. Organised in widely open thematic zones, the site brings together all the components of society on a daily basis: schoolchildren, artists, scientists,

novice and experienced entrepreneurs, students, or the simply curious.
Within this framework, the association is involved in several projects aimed at fighting the COVID-19 pandemic (emergency protection visor, electric syringe pump, medical needs modelling…).

In the context of March 2020, offering a rapid response to healthcare operators essential.

This document describes the emergency production and industrialization process that Electrolab wishes to put in place for the electric syringe pump developed by its members.

Some pictures of premises and projects in Electrolab.

Electrolab / 52 Rue Paul Lescop, 92000 Nanterre /