Security functions

Hardware security functions

The device integrates various hardware security functions:

  • Monitored power supply with anti-pullout plug     
  • Possibility to install a backup battery     
  • Syringe position sensor for monitoring the injection speed in relation to the demand (motor fault or blocking)
  • Force sensor for detecting occlusion
  • Hardware monitoring and self-checking system for detecting software failures

On power-up, the device starts spontaneously and displays an alarm status. This alerts the operator that a “restart condition” is occurring, either due to a power cycle (intended or not) or due to the detection of a technical problem (watchdog). In this case, the motor power supply is turned off, the syringe pump keeps electrically inactive until the user acknowledges the alarm.

Safety functions and injection control :

  • Position sensor independent of the drive chain to monitor the injected volumes
  • Monitoring of the syringe pressure, the anti-occlusion alarm triggers around 500mmHg.
  • Motor current limiter physically prevents a pressure higher than 700mmHg
  • Syringe loss alarm (in case it disengages from the device)
  • Pre-Alarm (acoustic and luminous) at the end of injection, adjustable from 1 to 120 minutes.
  • Acoustic and luminous alarm at the end of injection
  • Syringe position is maintained at the end of the injection to avoid backflow of blood into the tubing

Safety function against human error

Functions to combat human error are also included:

  • Visual (LEDs) and audible (buzzer) hardware alarms     
  • Backup of parameters and states for recovery after hardware failure or power failure
  • Safe interface design prevents unintentional injection
  • Dual validation of all injection-related operations with parameter recall