The system consists of two electronic board:

  • A user interface board (UI), with 3 NO and 1 NC buttons, a green LED, a red LED, and a 4 lines 20 characters LCD display.
  • A motherboard (MB), with all the functions of the OpenSyringePump, excluding the power supply.

The UI board is designed to be very simple which can be fabricated by hand if required on a standard double-sided PCB.

In the foreground, the UI board and in the background the motherboard (MB) “maker” version placed inside the blue case.

The motherboard is available in two versions:

  • A “Maker” version, double sided with through-hole parts, on which an Arduino Nano module is implanted, and a Pololu module. This PCB can be manufactured by hand if necessary on a standard double sided board.
  • An “Industrial” version, optimized for production and capable to meet a high level of requirements in terms of EMC and electrical safety. This version consists of a 6C class 4 layer PCB.
Motherboard (MB) of the OpenSyringePump – “Industrial” version

Bill of Materials and electronic circuits are available here : https://code.electrolab.fr/covid-19/opensyringepump/-/tree/master/hardware